Temple of Shelyn in Serpent's Ridge


As aspects of her role as goddess of beauty, Shelyn also promotes the creation of art and the composing and performance of music. The art or music need not be particularly well done, just so long as the creator puts in effort.

A naturally-talented person who does not try yet still makes beautiful art is appreciated, but not as much as an ungifted artist who struggles for days to create something mediocre. A naturally-talented person who fails to try and creates something mediocre is shunned by Shelyn (and by extension, her clergy). Clerics of Shelyn frequently are artists themselves, although those with little talent more often become art critics or collectors.

Shelyn herself has an extensive collection of artwork, mostly gifts from potential suitors or worshipers, most of which portray her. She also has a massive collection of violins and a secret collection of glaives.

In Serpent's Ridge

The Temple in Serpent's Ridge is no stranger to the "not necessarily good" rule. Several Paintings seem to also be painted and kept here that were powerful enough to have things come in and out of them, including party members.

Temple of Shelyn in Serpent's Ridge

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