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Session 17: "Cloak Wept"

A.K.A. "Where the Party starts hating each other"

After emerging from the elemental tower, and raising the earthmote, the party was given free room and board at the Helgren inn, and welcome arms to rest and buy items.

Helgren, a former large shipping town in its earthmote days, is little more than a village of approximately 25, with most of them families or workers of the two large farmyards which provide food for the town. It has no current mayor, but the innkeeper/tavern owner keep the peace through his generational bonds and his liquor.

Cloak went about her way, bounding here and there, and stalking mountain lions. Ashana and Aza both researched the city, and what it used to be, while Bolo started asking about the town.

It was the town’s innkeeper that relayed a message to Bolo that a fellow Helgrenian had his sheep stolen by something.

The party tracked down the sheep, finding it to be in the care of Goblins. After slaughtering some, the three came to the encampment.

Cloak had her first adverse reaction to blood in her life.

 It was here that they had a loud argument over whether Goblins were, in fact, people. Aza saying they don’t (sworn enemies and all) and Bolo saying they do (given some…murky familiar relations). Aza killed a captive that Cloak had carried.

Bolo bravely challenged the goblin’s leader to man-to-man combat, which ended up being a difficult battle, before Aza got bored and lightning bolted half of the enemy party, taking them out.

Cloak had her first non-bloodlust blood drain, leaving her scarred, and carrying back the captive in her cloak.


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