I'll Fill This Out Later

Session 14: "He Took Drugs! We need to like have an intervention!"

A.K.A. "If you try to sell Cloak for drugs, she's going to eat your face off."

The party moved on their way to Coralside, the small podunk adventuring town by the oasis nearby the earthmotes.

They settled in, where Cloak decided to buy a new hat, and possibly a monocle, Ashana was to grab a bath after a long day adventuring, and Darman was to make friends.

Darman first approached Vito Hazzif and struck up a long conversation, where much talk of religion, pesh and their various travels were had. 

Cloak decided to get completely shitfaced on Tequilale, a specialty in these parts, and attempted to drink upside down, throwing her mug in the air, casting her bat swarm, and catching it once reformed.

Aza stood, for once, passive at the various interactions, save ensuring that Cloak didn't cause an incident, and avoiding guano and thrown beer steins.

It was, however Darman who didn't get the hint with another group, who were sworn enemies of Vito's group (and who Darman first spoke to). Darman managed to sneak cast a spell on their leader, then before going to bed, flicking their leader off.

Whether it was the fact Darman was thicker than a bowl of oatmeal, or the other group were just annoyed to no end, a brawl broke out, where the party eliminated the other group, summarily being kicked out of the bar for destroying a number of tables and for killing people.

The party then went to the cliffs and caves of the area for their next chapter with the Earthmotes.


Gloveless Castellanox7

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