I'll Fill This Out Later

Session 9: "You got this, Ursh"

A.K.A. "I'm about to do something very stupid."

The party was awarded various gifts by Lady Aujing—relics from her adventuring days. The party got news from Crusher that there was significant arcane readings coming from a cave network south of Serpent's Ridge. Crusher believes that given the painting's proximity for the other pieces, that might be where the last piece would be.

Aujing says that she is enlisting a caravan to go to Serpent's Ridge. They will be passing through the area. The first two days go without problem, but the last day had a series of skeletons and skeletal horses attack them.

After a series of Indiana Jones style dealings across the horses, the carriage driver being knocked off, they were taken to a former mining cave that led to a dam. There they saw monks of an evil order parading around.


Gloveless Castellanox7

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