I'll Fill This Out Later

Session 8: "We might have survived this with only one case of friendly biting."

Or, "Giles! Roll to seduce the guards!"

The Party finalized their plans to infiltrate the hacienda of Signorina Brunhilda Aujing.

Cloak, Aza and Ashana took to the walls, scaling them while invisible. While stealthy to the eye, Cloak once again proved she wasn't too stealthy when it came to the auditory as they made their way up to the second story.

Giles and Ursh decided that  they would stay outside and create distractions as needed. Unfortunately, the guards (fazed by the fact an old man and a large orc were outside), came to investigate.

After speaking about the auction, the guards were confused about why Giles and his bodyguard weren't inside—as they were at the auction, they should've received an invite to the afterparty. They were sent inside.

Cloak, with her newfound freedom, started  running around the house until Ashana grabbed her by the shoulders, and guided her to the main house.

Giles, in a stroke of genius, popped open the ballroom door, lit a firework, and threw it inside, slamming the door shut.

The parties met up, and Aza's Locate Object spell gave the general location of the painting, in a wine and storage cellar. They accounted for the alarm spell, but not the fireball.

After receiving the painting, they were interrupted by Aujing and her guards. After some grapple attempts, the party ended up working with Aujing to repel Black Silence members from taking the painting.


Gloveless Castellanox7

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