I'll Fill This Out Later

Session 12: "Don't fuck with someone who might bloodrage when their hymen breaks and eat your face."

A.K.A. "Why Doesn't Anyone Else Name These Things?!"

The party, with the painting, took to their way to Serpent's Ridge to the Temple of Sheyln. There they bid farewell to Ursh, who took a job as a Caravan master in one of Lady Aujing's mercantile endeavors.

Ashana hid her heritage well in Serpent's Ridge, and met the Head Priest of Sheyln. While Aza was away attending to other matters, Cloak was in charge of talking. The pieces of the painting reformed. 

Cloak spoke bear to the head friar, which made him excited. He had an acolyte bring out an imp in a box that, in exchange for Cloak speaking like a bear, drew a picture of her.

They decided that due to the research, they should head their way south, looking for Earthmotes. 

They wouldn't pass up a chance to swing by Lady Aujing's for a nightcap, and to return the painting, though.


Gloveless Castellanox7

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