I'll Fill This Out Later

Session 10: "Ursh gets a meal"

A.K.A. "A Seven Foot Orc Hurtling Through Time and Space."

The Party goes Goldeneye!

After going through the skeleton warriors (Da da da da da da), they approach the underground dam.

The party decides to stealth through this as much as they can, knocking out guards and hiding bodies until Ashana ends up being noticed.

Alarms are tripped, crossbow bolts are fired, and the party nearly wipes until Ursh rages with his Manatee axe, cleaving through the remainder.

The strange thing, however, was that the alarms that were raised were only raised for a short time—almost as if it was a false alarm, or a test. Ashana and Ursh grabbed uniforms from the subdued guards, and Aza, once again, rode in an inanimate object.

When the party got to the dam proper, they went underground. Ursh smelled food, and Ashana found a chef's outfit for Aza. 

Ursh stripped his breastplate off, and used it as a food tray, eating the combined stomachs of four or five men.

After scouting any information, the only way was down. The party started to look over the side of the dam after they got back to the dam surface.

It was at this point that the ruse was up, and the party had to jump or die.

Ashana slow fell her way down.

Aza glided her way down.

Ursh used his robe of infinite thread, ran out, cleaved his manatee axe in the wall of the dam, and fell through the pier at the bottom.


Gloveless Castellanox7

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