I'll Fill This Out Later

Session 11: "I've lived in the forest for 17 years, I know when people fuck."

The party meets back up with Cloak (Giles still nowhere to be seen) at the entrance to the Dam's Facility. There they meet up with Tris, a half elf armed with two hand crossbows, that Cloak instantly took a hatred for.

Tris explains to the others that there is a large bout of magic happening deeper into the facility. That there are guards that need to be dealt with.

Aza and Ashana find an altar to Karsus, with the word Folly after it, and a number of books related to Karsus and the his origins. 

The party ventured forward into the dam, found an unnamed lieutenant of the Black Silence, and after a difficult battle, found two coils, draining the magic out from the remainder of the painting.

With the full painting, it was time for the group to return to Serpent's Ridge.


Gloveless Castellanox7

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